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Mass Effect 3 Uk

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“One of the most intricately crafted stories in the history of the medium.”
-    GameInformer, 10/10 Platinum Award

“An absolutely amazing game.”
-    IGN, Editor’s Choice

“Epic space battles, immense ground conflicts and hard hitting drama.”
-    MSNBC, 10/10

“One of the most intricately crafted stories in the history of the medium.”
-    GameInformer, 10/10 Platinum Award

“A gripping, coherent triumph.”
-    Seth Schiesel, New York Times

“Epic space battles, immense ground conflicts and hard hitting drama.”
-    MSNBC, 10/10

“An absolutely amazing game.”
-    IGN, Editor’s Choice

“This is a masterpiece.”
-    Playstation the Official Magazine, 10/10

“Unlike anything the Xbox has seen.”
-    OXM, Editor’s Choice

“If you’re not a fan, now is the time to start.”
-    Yahoo! Games
“One of the pop culture events of the year.”
-    Entertainment Weekly

“Engages the mind, tests your skills, and moves your heart.”
-    GameSpot, Editor’s Choice

Mass Effect 3 plunges you into an all-out galactic war to take Earth back from a nearly unstoppable foe – and how you fight that war is entirely up to you.  Groundbreaking interactive storytelling drives the heart-pounding action in which each decision you make could have devastating and deadly consequences.  You are Commander Shepard, the only one who can save Earth from annihilation.  But you are not alone, take the war online with 4 player co-op missions and engage the enemy in intense white knuckle combat.

  • Play Your Way – Choose a fast-paced cinematic experience or delve into a deeper, more choice-driven narrative. Either way, intense combat propels the action as you fight to unite a war-torn galaxy against a common enemy.
  • A Rich, Branching Story — Interactive storytelling delivers an experience unlike any other, with multiple outcomes determined by your choices. Mass Effect 3 will redefine what you know about emotionally engaging story.
  • Class-Based Co-operative Multiplayer Missions — Fight the war alongside your friends in four-player co-op missions. Choose from a variety of races and classes and combine your skills to overcome impossible odds. Your success can have an impact on the outcome of your single-player experience.
  • Adrenaline-Pumping Gameplay — Feel every bullet impact, roll into cover, and unleash devastating heavy weapons in an intense and pulse-pounding action-shooter game. 
  • Unleash a Customizable Arsenal — Build your character and squad with dozens of unique weapons and abilities, each with powerful upgrades and modifications. 
  • Ruthless and Intelligent Enemies — Battle merciless enemies that will consistently challenge your best combat tactics and put you on the edge of your seat.

Mass Effect 3 features the following free content available for download through the Origin client.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut
An expanded ending for Mass Effect 3. Additional scenes and an extended epilogue reveal the impact of Shepard's choices on the future of the galaxy.

Mass Effect 3: Earth Multiplayer Expansion
The fighting is fiercest when it's your home at stake! Mass Effect 3™: Earth adds mods, gear, and new maps for Rio, Vancouver, and London. It features 3 new weapons: Piranha assault shotgun, Acolyte pistol, and Typhoon light machine gun. Six new human N7 classes are also available: Destroyer, Paladin, Demolisher, Slayer, Shadow, and Fury!

Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Multiplayer Expansion
The Rebellion Multiplayer Expansion opens two new fronts against the Reapers: Firebase Jade’s jungle reservoir and Firebase Goddess on Thessia. In-game reinforcement packs now include three new weapons (Reegar Carbine, Krysae Sniper Rifle, Cerberus Harrier) as well as equipment, consumables, and six new classes from species that have lost lives or whole planets to the Reapers: Quarian Engineer and Infiltrator, Vorcha Soldier and Sentinel, Phoenix Adept and Vanguard. The battle continues – hold the line!

Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Multiplayer Expansion
The Resurgence Multiplayer Expansion brings a grudge to the fight! It provides two new maps to reconquer: Firebase Condor’s moon base and Firebase Hydra’s hydroelectric dam. It also enables reinforcement packs that offer six new classes from species that have lost lives or whole planets to the Reapers: the Batarian Sentinel, Batarian Soldier, Geth Hunter, Geth Engineer, Krogan Battlemaster, and Asari Justicar. The packs’ new weapons are the Geth Plasma SMG, Striker Assault Rifle, and Kishock Harpoon Gun. Also, four new equipment items enhance weapon stability, melee damage, headshot damage, and shield regeneration.

System Requirements

  • Additional Info: Requires Origin account for game activation and online play
  • OS Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1, Win 7
  • Supported chipsets: NVIDIA 7900 or better; ATI X1800 or better. Please note that NVIDIA GeForce 9300, 8500, 8400, and 8300 are below minimum system requirements, as are AMD/ATI Radeon HD3200, HD3300, and HD4350.
  • CPU 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (equivalent AMD CPU)
  • RAM 1GB for XP / 2GB RAM for Vista/Win 7
  • Hard Drive 2.5 GB of free space
  • Video 256 MB* (with Pixel Shader 3.0 support)
  • Sound DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • DirectX DirectX 9.0c August 2009 (included)
  • Controls- Mouse Keyboard only


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